Patience and Diligence

The Art of Clockmaking

Clocks are storytellers – They mark the importance of an hour when an event occurred, such as the birth of your first-born child; They chime their melancholic music of time passing by, which makes us remember our loved ones, and they are a beautiful addition to your family legacy to be passed down from generation to generation. In fact, clocks are not only storytellers; they are memory makers.

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Meet Guy

Guy is an artisan in his field and takes great pride in his art. His attention to detail and careful craftsmanship is clearly demonstrated in his work.

The Clocks

Guy’s clocks are unique pieces, and each one with a distinct story. This makes them profoundly rare and a collector’s dream to own.

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If you admire one of Guy’s clocks and wish to discuss it with him then please contact him.