Clock Making

Guy Luck has been an ornamental Blacksmith for the past 34 years. 30 years ago he started to follow an interest in model engineering which lead to him making his first stationary steam engines. The first models were very simple (according to Guy) but he soon moved on to better designs and creating his own castings as well as more complicated models. Since the beginning of his hobby he has built three working 5″ model steam locomotives and various other working steam models. In 1999 Guy moved to Cape Town where he set up a much smaller blacksmith workshop. Guy still continues to hand craft ornamental metal items which range from old farm style hinges, window hinges, latches and various other metal objects. Guys Blacksmithing is done in the old fashioned way which is very rare to see in modern society.

Soon after moving into the smaller workshop Guy developed an interest in Clockmaking this has led to him making twenty clocks of varying designs and complexity. Guys house is now full of clocks. The models Guy has built have different designs and forms of escapement, his craftsmanship is hard to match. About four years ago I met Guy and being a Clockmaker who repairs and restores modern and antique clocks I was amazed at Guys passion and craftsmanship. We have formed a very good friendship and often help one another with technical advise. Guy originally built clocks that were designed by some of the best clock designers in the world and after years of gaining knowledge he has now designed his own clock. I have teamed up with Guy to handle administration and our goal is to manufacture this model and make it available to the public. We are also able to manufacture clocks with custom designs to meet customers requirements. If you are interested in any of these models or custom-made clocks you can contact me by going to contact page or mailing me directly You can also get hold of me via my site Time Menders.  

Darryn Clark

Guy Luck

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